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NetStats GetIpPort was added in SA-MP 0.3z This function was added in SA-MP 0.3z and will not work in earlier versions!


Get a player's IP and port.

(playerid, ip_port[], ip_port_len)
playeridThe ID of the player to get the IP and port of.
ip_port[]A string array to store the IP and port in, passed by reference.
ip_port_lenThe maximum length of the IP/port. 22 is recommended.

Return Values:

This function does not return any specific values.

Example Usage:

public OnPlayerCommandText(playerid,cmdtext[])
    if(!strcmp(cmdtext, "/ipandport"))
        new dest[22];
        NetStats_GetIpPort(playerid, dest, sizeof(dest));
        new szString[144];
        format(szString, sizeof(szString), "Your current IP and port: %s.", dest);
        SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, szString);
    return 1;

Related Functions

The following functions may be useful, as they are related to this function in one way or another.

  • GetNetworkStats: Gets the servers networkstats and saves it into a string.

  • NetStats_BytesReceived: Get the amount of information (in bytes) that the server has received from the player.
  • NetStats_BytesSent: Get the amount of information (in bytes) that the server has sent to the player.
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