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Creates a vehicle in the world. Can be used in place of AddStaticVehicleEx at any time in the script.



Trains can only be added with AddStaticVehicle and AddStaticVehicleEx.

(vehicletype, Float:x, Float:y, Float:z, Float:rotation, color1, color2, respawn_delay, addsiren=0)
vehicletypeThe model for the vehicle.
Float:XThe X coordinate for the vehicle.
Float:YThe Y coordinate for the vehicle.
Float:ZThe Z coordinate for the vehicle.
Float:rotationThe facing angle for the vehicle.
color1The primary color ID.
color2The secondary color ID.
respawn_delayThe delay until the car is respawned without a driver in seconds. Using -1 will prevent the vehicle from respawning.
addsirenAdded in 0.3.7; will not work in earlier versions. Has a default value 0. Enables the vehicle to have a siren, providing the vehicle has a horn.

Return Values:

  • The vehicle ID of the vehicle created (1 to MAX_VEHICLES).
  • INVALID_VEHICLE_ID (65535) if vehicle was not created (vehicle limit reached or invalid vehicle model ID passed).
  • 0 if vehicle was not created (IDs 538 or 537 passed, which is trains).

Example Usage:

public OnGameModeInit()
    // Add a Hydra (520) to the game with a respawn time of 60 seconds
    CreateVehicle(520, 2109.1763, 1503.0453, 32.2887, 82.2873, -1, -1, 60);
    return 1;

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