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PlayerTextDrawSetString was added in SA-MP 0.3e This feature (player-textdraws) was added in SA-MP 0.3e and will not work in earlier versions!


Change the text of a player-textdraw.

(playerid, PlayerText:text, string[])
playeridThe ID of the player who's textdraw string to set
textThe ID of the textdraw to change
string[]The new string for the TextDraw

Return Values:

This function does not return any specific values.



There are limits to the length of textdraw strings! See Limits for more info.



You don't have to show the TextDraw again in order to apply the changes.

Example Usage:

new pVehicleHealthTimer[MAX_PLAYERS];
new PlayerText:pVehicleHealthTD[MAX_PLAYERS];
public OnPlayerStateChange(playerid, newstate, oldstate)
    if(newstate == 2) // Entered a vehicle as driver
        pVehicleHealthTD[playerid] = CreatePlayerTextDraw(playerid, x, y, " ");
        PlayerTextDrawShow(playerid, pVehicleHealthTD[playerid]);
        // Set a timer to update the textdraw every second
        pVehicleHealthTimer[playerid] = SetTimerEx("vhealth_td_update", 1000, true, "i", playerid);
    if(oldstate == 2)
        PlayerTextDrawDestroy(playerid, pVehicleHealthTD[playerid]);
public vhealth_td_update(playerid)
    new tdstring[32], Float:vHealth;
    GetVehicleHealth(GetPlayerVehicleID(playerid), vHealth);
    format(tdstring, sizeof(tdstring), "Vehicle Health: %0f", vHealth);
    PlayerTextDrawSetString(playerid, pVehicleHealthTD[playerid], tdstring); // <<< Update the text to show the vehicle health
    return 1;
NOTE: This example is purely for demonstration purposes, it is not guaranteed to work in-game. It is merely to show the usage of the PlayerTextDrawSetString function.

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