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Attach3DTextLabelToPlayer was added in SA-MP 0.3a This function was added in SA-MP 0.3a and will not work in earlier versions!


Attach a 3D text label to a player.

(Text3D:id, playerid, Float:OffsetX, Float:OffsetY, Float:OffsetZ)
Text3D:idThe ID of the 3D text label to attach. Returned by Create3DTextLabel.
playeridThe ID of the player to attach the label to.
OffsetXThe X offset from the player.
OffsetYThe Y offset from the player.
OffsetZThe Z offset from the player.

Return Values:

  • 1: The function executed successfully.
  • 0: The function failed to execute. This means the player and/or label do not exist.

Example Usage:

public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
    new Text3D:label = Create3DTextLabel("Hello, I am new here!", 0x008080FF, 30.0, 40.0, 50.0, 40.0, 0);
    Attach3DTextLabelToPlayer(label, playerid, 0.0, 0.0, 0.7);
    return 1;

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