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This function doesn't return a pickup ID that you can use in, for example, OnPlayerPickUpPickup. Use CreatePickup if you'd like to assign IDs.


This function adds a 'static' pickup to the game. These pickups support weapons, health, armor etc., with the ability to function without scripting them (weapons/health/armor will be given automatically).

(model, type, Float:X, Float:Y, Float:Z, virtualworld)
modelThe model of the pickup.
typeThe pickup type. Determines how the pickup responds when picked up.
Float:XThe X coordinate to create the pickup at.
Float:YThe Y coordinate to create the pickup at.
Float:ZThe Z coordinate to create the pickup at.
virtualworldThe virtual world ID to put tht pickup in. Use -1 to show the pickup in all worlds.

Return Values:

1 if the pickup is successfully created.

0 if failed to create.

Example Usage:

public OnGameModeInit()
    // Create a pickup for armor
    AddStaticPickup(1242, 2, 1503.3359, 1432.3585, 10.1191, 0);
    // Create a pickup for some health, right next to the armour
    AddStaticPickup(1240, 2, 1506.3359, 1432.3585, 10.1191, 0);
    return 1;

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