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Change the size of a textdraw (box if TextDrawUseBox is enabled and/or clickable area for use with TextDrawSetSelectable).

(Text:text, Float:x, Float:y)
textThe TextDraw to set the size of.
Float:xThe size on the X axis (left/right) following the same 640x480 grid as TextDrawCreate.
Float:yThe size on the Y axis (up/down) following the same 640x480 grid as TextDrawCreate.

Return Values:

This function does not return any specific values.



  • The x and y have different meanings with different TextDrawAlignment values:
    • 1 (left): they are the right-most corner of the box, absolute coordinates.
    • 2 (center): they need to inverted (switch the two) and the x value is the overall width of the box.
    • 3 (right): the x and y are the coordinates of the left-most corner of the box
  • Using font type 4 (sprite) and 5 (model preview) converts X and Y of this function from corner coordinates to WIDTH and HEIGHT (offsets).
  • The TextDraw box starts 10.0 units up and 5.0 to the left as the origin (TextDrawCreate coordinate).
  • This function defines the clickable area for use with TextDrawSetSelectable, whether a box is shown or not.

Example Usage:

new Text:MyTextdraw;
public OnGameModeInit()
    MyTextDraw = TextDrawCreate(100.0, 33.0,"Example TextDraw");
    TextDrawTextSize(MyTextDraw, 2.0, 3.6);
    return 1;


If you want to change the text size of a textdraw that is already shown, you don't have to recreate it. Simply use TextDrawShowForPlayer/TextDrawShowForAll after modifying the textdraw and the change will be visible.

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