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This functions allows you to toggle the drawing of player nametags, healthbars and armor bars which display above their head. For use of a similar function like this on a global level, ShowNameTags function.

(playerid, showplayerid, show)
playeridPlayer who will see the results of this function
showplayeridPlayer whose name tag will be shown or hidden
show1-show name tag, 0-hide name tag



ShowNameTags must be set to 1 to be able to show name tags with ShowPlayerNameTagForPlayer, that means that in order to be effective you need to ShowPlayerNameTagForPlayer(forplayerid, playerid, 0) ahead of time(OnPlayerStreamIn is a good spot).

Return Values:

This function does not return any specific values.

Example Usage:

//The player who typed /nameoff will not be able to see any other players nametag.
if (strcmp("/nameoff", cmdtext, true) == 0)
    for(new i = GetPlayerPoolSize(); i != -1; --i) ShowPlayerNameTagForPlayer(playerid, i, false);
    GameTextForPlayer(playerid, "~W~Nametags ~R~off", 5000, 5);
    return 1;

Related Functions

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