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This callback is called when a player exits a mod shop, even if the colors weren't changed. Watch out, the name is ambiguous, Pay 'n' Spray shops don't call this callback.

(playerid, vehicleid, color1, color2)
playeridThe ID of the player that is driving the vehicle.
vehicleidThe ID of the vehicle that was resprayed.
color1The color that the vehicle's primary color was changed to.
color2The color that the vehicle's secondary color was changed to.

Return Values:

Returning 0 in this callback will deny the colour change. Returning 1 will allow it. This can be used to prevent hackers from changing vehicle colours using cheats.
  • It is always called first in gamemode so returning 0 there also blocks other filterscripts from seeing it.



Known Bug(s): previewing a component inside a mod shop might call this callback.



  • This callback is not called by ChangeVehicleColor.
  • Misleadingly, this callback is not called for pay 'n' spray (only modshops).

Fix here: http://pastebin.com/G81da7N1

Example Usage:

public OnVehicleRespray(playerid, vehicleid, color1, color2)
    new string[48];
    format(string, sizeof(string), "You resprayed vehicle %d to colors %d and %d!", vehicleid, color1, color2);
    SendClientMessage(playerid, COLOR_GREEN, string);
    return 1;

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