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This callback is called when a vehicle is modded.

(playerid, vehicleid, componentid)
playeridThe ID of the driver of the vehicle.
vehicleidThe ID of the vehicle which is modded.
componentidThe ID of the component which was added to the vehicle.

Return Values:

Return 0 to desync the mod (or an invalid mod) from propagating and / or crashing players.
  • It is always called first in gamemode so returning 0 there also blocks other filterscripts from seeing it.



This callback is NOT called by AddVehicleComponent.

Example Usage:

public OnVehicleMod(playerid,vehicleid,componentid)
    printf("Vehicle %d was modded by ID %d with the componentid %d",vehicleid,playerid,componentid);
    if(GetPlayerInterior(playerid) == 0)
        BanEx(playerid, "Tuning Hacks"); // Anti-tuning hacks script 
        return 0; // Prevents the bad modification from being synced to other players
        //(Tested and it works even on servers wich allow you to mod your vehicle using commands, menus, dialogs, etc..
    return 1;

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