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This callback is called when a player enters a command into the client chat window. Commands are anything that start with a forward slash, e.g. /help.



This callback can also be called by NPC.

(playerid, cmdtext[])
playeridThe ID of the player that entered a command.
cmdtext[]The command that was entered (including the forward slash).

Return Values:

Return 1 if the command was processed, otherwise 0; If the command was not found both in filterscripts and in gamemode, the player will be received a message: 'SERVER: Unknown command'.
  • It is always called first in filterscripts so returning 1 there blocks other scripts from seeing it.

Example Usage:

public OnPlayerCommandText(playerid, cmdtext[])
    if(!strcmp(cmdtext, "/help", true))
        SendClientMessage(playerid, -1, "SERVER: This is the /help command!");
        return 1;
        // Returning 1 informs the server that the command has been processed.
        // OnPlayerCommandText won't be called in other scripts.
    return 0;
    // Returning 0 informs the server that the command hasn't been processed by this script.
    // OnPlayerCommandText will be called in other scripts until one returns 1.
    // If no scripts return 1, the 'SERVER: Unknown Command' message will be shown to the player.

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  • OnPlayerText: Called when a player sends a message via the chat.

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