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Disable a specific row in a menu for all players. It will be greyed-out and can't be selected by players.

(Menu:menuid, row)
Menu:menuidThe ID of the menu to disable a row of. Ensure this is valid, as an invalid menu ID will crash the entire server.
rowThe ID of the row to disable (rows start at 0).

Return Values:

This function always returns 1, even if the function fails. If an invalid row is specified, nothing will happen. If an invalid menu ID is specified, the server will crash.



  • Crashes when passed an invalid menu ID.
  • This function disabled the specified menu row for all players. There is no function to disable a menu row for a specific player. You'd have to create two menus - one with a row disabled, and one without. Or one per player.

Example Usage:

new Menu:WeaponMenu;
WeaponMenu = CreateMenu("Weapons", 1, 50.0, 180.0, 200.0, 200.0);
AddMenuItem(WeaponMenu, 0, "Rocket Launcher");
AddMenuItem(WeaponMenu, 0, "Flamethrower");
AddMenuItem(WeaponMenu, 0, "Minigun");
AddMenuItem(WeaponMenu, 0, "Grenades");
if(!strcmp(cmdtext, "/disablemenu", true)) 
    DisableMenuRow(WeaponMenu, 2); //Disable the "Minigun" row
    return 1;

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