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Image:Farm-Fresh text lowercase.png Note: This function name starts with a lowercase letter.


Convert a string to an integer.

(const string[])
const string[]The string you want to convert to an integer.

Return Values:

The integer value of the string. '0 if the string is not numeric.

Example Usage:

new string[4] = "250";
new iValue = strval(string); // iValue is now '250'

Related Functions

The following functions may be useful, as they are related to this function in one way or another.

  • strcmp: Compare two strings to see if they are the same.
  • strfind: Search for a substring in a string.
  • strtok: Search for a variable typed after a space.
  • strdel: Delete part/all of a string.
  • strins: Put a string into another string.
  • strlen: Check the length of a string.
  • strmid: Extract characters from a string.
  • strpack: Pack a string into a destination.
  • strcat: Concatenate two strings into a destination reference.
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