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This wiki-page lists up good and useful scripts made for SA-MP in the Script Showroom

If you would like to recommend a script to add, please click HERE.


Highly Recommended Scripts

Name Type Author
X-Treme SA:MP Ultimate Visual Mapper Application XTreme
YSI (Y_Less Server Includes) Include Y_Less
Debug Mode Filterscript Simon



Name Author
Pen1 Denver (Astro)
The Godfather FeaR
Grand Theft Online Ian Gillbert
RPG Mode! Tommy_Vercetty


Name Author
hYdra DM Andre9977
LVDMod Sintax
GunGame metalpenguin & Donny


Name Author
Freeroam Based on LVDMod ProRail
tAxI's RPG/Freeroam tAxI


Name Author
6xRacing switch
Adrenaline switch


Name Author
Spectre's Hidden Interior Tour Spectre

Admin Scripts (Filterscripts)

Name Author
Andre's Admin Andre9977
Xtreme's Admin Xtreme
Mabako's Admin mabako
srAdmin Sneaky

Useful Includes

Name Author
YSI Y_Less
DUBD DracoBlue
DUtils DracoBlue
Dini DracoBlue
DProp DracoBlue
MIC Kapil
ctype Simon
color Simon
Yom's Properties yom

Useful Filterscripts

Name Author
DTest DracoBlue
Debug Mode Simon
S:B:R Server Flood Protection Sacky, Betamaster, Ramjet
GMCycle Ramjet
YMessage Y_Less
Bomb Shop Simon
Chat Flood Protection Y_Less
Yom's AFK Filterscript yom
tAxI's Xtreme Vehicle Control tAxI

Map Modificating

Name Author
KIHC Kapil
Map Designer Kapil
xObjects Boylett

Server Control Scripts

Name Author
Automated script restarter (LINUX) kaisersouse
Yom's window server restarter yom


Name Author
tAxI's Minimap streamer (map icon) tAxI
tAxI's Advanced Vehicle Streamer tAxI
Rafelder's MapIcon streamer Rafelder_GRF
CPS Checkpoint Streamer Dragsta
CPStreamer Checkpoint Streamer Donny
LCS Checkpoint Streamer LuxurY
Y_Objects INC Object Streamer Y_Less
xObjects Boylett

Useful Applications

Name Author
SA:MP Real Map Editor JernejL
X-Treme SA:MP Ultimate Visual Mapper Xtreme
Yom's window server restarter yom
AdvancedConverter Ywa
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