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Welcome to the Port Forward tutorial

So, you have arrived to the Port Forward tutorial, made by Leopard. All you need is a samp-server and a router. If you havn't a router, then you don't need to port forward!

The Start

Ok, so here's the start, start off by finding your gateway. Assume that you have vista. Click start, click on the search field, and write cmd. Then a black box appears. Enter the following; ipconfig. Wait for the text to load, then look though it. Keep searching until you find gateway, and don't close the black box!

When you have found it, open your favorite web browser. When it's loaded, head over to the adress bar and type in the gateway value (example: Press enter.

Router Configuration

Well done, you've made it to the router's configuration page. What we've got left to do is port forward now.

So.. there are a category in that page that is named one of the followings;

- Virtual Server,
- Port Forwarding,
- Port Control,
- Application Sharing
- Anything with port in its name.

If you have found it, click on it. Then, click the 'Add new', 'New Port' or some else button that will toggle opening a new port.

Enter the following details;

Port: YOUR_PORT (standard: 7777)
Port Type: UDP
Enabled: Yes
IP: Continue the 3rd Step

Now you need to know your computer IP address.

Getting the IP, Continuing

Now, maximize the black box and look though the text again, until you see IPv4. It should be in a format like this: Copy it, and there you have it! Continue with the Information in the router's homepage. For example, my ip is

Port: YOUR_PORT (standard: 7777)
Port Type: UDP
Enabled: Yes

And press save. Then your done. AND! Don't forget to port forward in Windows Firewall. This is a little tutorial;

Go to the start menu, enter "firewall" in the search field and select the "Windows Firewall". Open it and click Change preferences. New window pop-up. Click the Exceptions tab, click the Add port.. and then fill in this information;

Name: SA-MP Server (name it whatever you want)
Port Number: YOUR_PORT (standard: 7777)
Protocol: UDP

Then your done! Click ok and close it. Launch the server, and see if its working. If it is, go to your SA-MP Client and enter: localhost:YOUR_PORT(standard: 7777). If the ping changes, then your server is working fully. Now you just need to go to:


The finish and credits

Once there, get the ip that is on your screen. Go again to your SA-MP Client, add that ip to your favorites and add YOUR_PORT (standard: 7777) at the end. If its working,

CONGRATULATIONS! You have port-forwarded!

Thanks, -Leopard 19:57, 21 May 2008 (UTC)

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