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To be used with SetPlayerMapIcon.



Map icon ID 1 (Image:Icon_1.gif), 2 (Image:Icon_2.gif), 4 (Image:Icon_4.gif), and 56 (Image:Icon_56.gif) will cause your game to crash if you have map legends enabled while viewing the map.

ID Icon Name Notes
0 Image:Icon_0.gif Colored Square/Triangle (Dynamic) Can be used in any colour. Used for Single Player objectives.

Displays as triangle when the marker isn't at the same ground level with a player.

1 Image:Icon_1.gif White Square 2 times bigger than ID 0 and without the border.
2 Image:Icon_2.gif Player Position Will be used on the minimap by default.
3 Image:Icon_3.gif Player (Menu Map) Your position when on the large map.
4 Image:Icon_4.gif North Always appears on the radar toward the north.
5 Image:Icon_5.gif Air Yard
6 Image:Icon_6.gif Ammunation
7 Image:Icon_7.gif Barber
8 Image:Icon_8.gif Big Smoke
9 Image:Icon_9.gif Boat Yard
10 Image:Icon_10.gif Burger Shot
11 Image:Icon_11.gif Quarry
12 Image:Icon_12.gif Catalina
13 Image:Icon_13.gif Cesar
14 Image:Icon_14.gif Cluckin' Bell
15 Image:Icon_15.gif Carl Johnson
16 Image:Icon_16.gif C.R.A.S.H
17 Image:Icon_17.gif Diner
18 Image:Icon_18.gif Emmet
19 Image:Icon_19.gif Enemy Attack
20 Image:Icon_20.gif Fire
21 Image:Icon_21.gif Girlfriend
22 Image:Icon_22.gif Hospital
23 Image:Icon_23.gif Loco
24 Image:Icon_24.gif Madd Dogg
25 Image:Icon_25.gif Caligulas
26 Image:Icon_26.gif OG Loc
27 Image:Icon_27.gif Mod garage
28 Image:Icon_28.gif OG Loc
29 Image:Icon_29.gif Well Stacked Pizza Co
30 Image:Icon_30.gif Police
31 Image:Icon_31.gif Property A property you're free to purchase.
32 Image:Icon_32.gif Property A property that isn't available for purchase.
33 Image:Icon_33.gif Race
34 Image:Icon_34.gif Ryder
35 Image:Icon_35.gif Save Game Used for safehouses where you save the game in singleplayer.
36 Image:Icon_36.gif School
37 Image:Icon_37.gif Unknown
38 Image:Icon_38.gif Sweet
39 Image:Icon_39.gif Tattoo
40 Image:Icon_40.gif The Truth
41 Image:Icon_41.gif Waypoint Can be placed by players on the pause menu map by right-clicking (OnPlayerClickMap).
42 Image:Icon_42.gif Toreno
43 Image:Icon_43.gif Triads
44 Image:Icon_44.gif Triads Casino
45 Image:Icon_45.gif Clothes
46 Image:Icon_46.gif Woozie
47 Image:Icon_47.gif Zero
48 Image:Icon_48.gif Club
49 Image:Icon_49.gif Bar
50 Image:Icon_50.gif Restaurant
51 Image:Icon_51.gif Truck
52 Image:Icon_52.gif Robbery Frequently used for banks.
53 Image:Icon_53.gif Race
54 Image:Icon_54.gif Gym
55 Image:Icon_55.gif Car
56 Image:Icon_56.gif Light
57 Image:Icon_57.gif Closest airport
58 Image:Icon_58.gif Varrios Los Aztecas
59 Image:Icon_59.gif Ballas
60 Image:Icon_60.gif Los Santos Vagos
61 Image:Icon_61.gif San Fierro Rifa
62 Image:Icon_62.gif Grove street
63 Image:Icon_63.gif Pay 'n' Spray
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