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This page will try and document the official gamemodes, and give some tips on how to play them.


LVDM ( Moneygrub)

Note: There are two versions of LVDM - the official one (LVDM vanilla) and one which has been edited and a lot more added in (LVDM Landgrab). As there is nothing to do in vanilla LVDM except kill and gamble, this will detail how to play the modified version (which is the most popular version anyway).

As, of course, it is LVDM simply with added buildings to buy I will just show screenshots of the most important buildings that people have trouble finding. All these buildings can be found along the "Las Ventura's Strip" and all screenshots are facing North. For more info on what to do in Landgrab, type /commands or /help as soon as you join the server.

This gamemode, although it has no set world boundaries, is focused in and around Las Venturas. Players are free to roam all over San Andreas, but there will be little cars elsewhere (and none in some places).

There is a lot more to explore and buy in LVDM Landgrab, but you will to have find everything else for yourself - its not fun without exploring it :)


Note: This version has not been released to the Public jet as an amx, but you can play it on Partyserver.

There is nothing of real interest in this gamemode - it is a Team Deathmatch with fixed spawns for each team, and each team allready has weapons on spawn.

A Gallery of spawn locations may appear here later.

This gamemode, although it has no set world boundaries, is focused in and around San Fierro. At the time of writing there are no vehicles anywhere except San Fierro, but this may change in SFTDM v2.

Manhunt LV

Manhunt LV is a Gamemode playing in Las Venturas where a player becomes "the hunted" and the other players should take him down. The player who takes down "the hunted", then in turn becomes "the hunted".


This a "Capture the Flag" based gamemode, where there are two opposing teams (the green and blue team :)) which must steal each others boat and take it back to their spawn. As default, 3 captures wins the games for your team. See the following screenshots for more info.

This gamemode has strict world boundaries as it is a CTF gamemode. In this gamemode you are confined to the gameplay area.

Gameplay Hint: Be the first team to capture a vehicle to gain an advantage (look for the helicopters as soon as you spawn)

Local Yokel SE

This is the same idea as Rivershell, only played out on land which allows more variation in gameplay and tactics. The following screenshots show the main areas in this gamemode.

Gameplay Hint: Ensure that when your team has the opposing vehicle that there is an escort provided on the way back to base.

Cops N Gangs

Also like Rivershell and Local Yokel, capturing the enemy's van is the main objective. There are two teams: the Gangsters and the Cops. The Cops spawn at the police station in LS and the Gangsters at Grove Street. Then they need to try capturing the enemys van.

Hint: The cops can block their van by placing police cars near the van. Enemys cant easily reach it then and if they are in it, his way out is blocked!


In this gamemode you can choose to be either the Triads or the Dang Nang Boys. If you choose to be the Triads your objective is to break into the container ship and reach the Red Marker awarding you 5 points. For breaking in 5 times the Triads will win the game. Choosing to be the Dang Nang Boys your objective is to guard the ship by killing the Triads. 1 Point is awarded for each kill. If the ship is successfully defended for a period of time the Dang Nang Boys win the game.

Area 51

This mode is similer to Freighter objective based. You have a choice of two teams, FBI who attack or Army and Scientist who defend. If you choose to be attack you start inside a plane. You have to pickup a parachute and skydive out of the plane into Area 51. Then you and your team try to get to the bottom of Area 51 to win the mode. The defending team must defend area 51 for a period of time and will win the game. Killing your opponent will give you one point.

LS Parachute

This is a simple gamemode where what you do is up to your own imagination. There are a few helicopters and parachutes scattered around the roofs of Los Santos, and that is basically it. Some interesting things you can do in the mode would be..

  • Try and parachute from a helictoper on on roof to another
  • Get a group of friends and try to make formations in the air
  • Try and see how far away from the spawnpoint you can land
  • Get a group of friends, pick a roof nearby, and have a competition to see who can land on it via parachuting
  • Have a game of "extreme skydiving" - find somewhere with shallow water surround by land (Glen Park is an excellent example, and close to the spawn). Now, get in a helicopter and circle around the area extremely high up in the sky (way above the clouds). Now, bail out and try to land in the water - great to play with a group of friends as passengers in the heli. View an example screenshot by clicking here.


This gamemode hasn't got an objective, all as you do is freeroam in vehicles such as monster trucks, stuntplanes, helicopters and mountain bikes. No weapons are used in this gamemode.

Minigun Madness

The objective for minigun maddness is to gain as many points as you can by killing everyone using a minigun which can be picked up around the area. One point for each kill.This mode is set in the top right corner of Las Venturas at the oil refinary.

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