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When create a string you may find that some character may be impossible or extremely difficult to express in the source code of your script, this is where escape codes come in handy - these allow you to use the symbols and expressions that come under this category. Below is a list of escape codes for the PAWN language.

Escape codes
Audible beep (on server machine) \a (also \7)
Backspace \b
Escape \e
Form feed \f
New line \n
Carriage return \r
Horizontal tab \t
Vertical tab \v
Backslash (\) \\
Single quote (') \'
Double quote (") \"
Percent sign \%
Character code with decimal code "ddd". \ddd;
Character code with hexidecimal code "hhh". \xhhh;

The semicolon after the nddd; and nxhhh; codes is optional. Its purpose is to give the escape sequence sequence an explicit termination symbol when it is used in a string constant.

Source: pawn-lang.pdf (pg 99)

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